Indian Catering Near Me

If you are hosting an event that requires food provision, then the hire of Indian catering in the UK is a popular option. Traditional Indian cuisine is delicious and appeals to a wide range of people and could be the perfect addition to your event. The price to hire Indian catering will vary on a number of factors but there are certainly a lot of suppliers in your area who are happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with figures. In order to make the decision as easy as possible for you we have collected together as much information as we can and rounded up all of the providers in your area into one easy search in order that you can find exactly what you are looking for as quickly as possible. 


What events are suitable for Indian Catering?


Indian catering is suitable for a wide range of different events where you need to provide food for your guests. It is perfect for weddings, especially traditional Indian weddings where the guests will be expecting local cuisine. It is a popular option for many different fetes and festivals as it is delicious and enjoyed by many. Most companies will give you the option of having a sit-down meal catered for you or providing a buffet-style affair which is also a popular option for weddings at the moment. There will be several different menus that you can choose from, and by negotiating you will be able to pick and choose things that work best for you. Indian catering companies will be used to dealing with certain food requirements such as vegan guests and those who cannot tolerate certain items such as gluten or nuts. This means they will be able to offer specific menus that enable these people to still enjoy the delicious food. Buffets are particularly popular as it means that your guests are free to mingle whilst they are eating their meals but it also means that there is less chance of wasted food as people only have to take what they actually like and enjoy rather than a sit-down meal where they will have a full menu with fewer options. It also makes sense when you’ve got young people at the event who may not eat as much as adults. 


What is the price for Indian Catering?


When it comes to Indian catering hire, the cost will vary depending on the service you are asking them to provide. The food items you choose will attract a specific price and the menus can be tailored to suit your needs. Many Indian catering companies will also offer extra services such as a full waiting staff if you are having a sit-down meal. It makes sense to get more than one service from each provider as overall this will work out cheaper. The cost may also vary depending on the facilities available at your venue. If there are kitchen facilities, they will be able to carry out some provision on site but if they are not, they will have to bring everything ready to be eaten. Depending on how far away the venue is from the company you may be charged for travel, but this should all be explained upfront and included in the quote. If you are having a festival, they will be able to tailor their menus to take away food so that people can buy stuff and be free to move around the venue and eat where they choose. Each Indian catering company will have their own particular unique style and take on the menus so it’s definitely worth having a look around and seeing what is on offer. Many catering companies will offer tasting evenings if you are trying to put together the perfect menu for a wedding for example so it’s always worth having a chat and seeing what they can do to ensure that your day is perfect. Your catering company will need access to the venue before your guests arrive in order to set up and will need time to clear down once the event has finished. At a wedding, they can usually clear down around the evening party with minimal disruption.