Hire Human Table Football Near Me

If you hire human table football for your event you are sure to be popular and enjoy the benefits that this entertaining form of football brings. it is always popular at every event and your guests will be queuing up to have a go and enjoy themselves. The price for human table football varies depending on your location and what type of event you are hosting but there are plenty of companies in the area who are able to provide the service for you and we have put together some information that will help you make the best decision possible. Human table football is based on the classic table football game and features soft play equipment to create teams of grown adults or children who must perform in much the same way as the fixed plastic players do on a table football pitch. 


What events are suitable for Human Table Football?


Human table football is hilarious and creates five-a-side matches with plenty of fun and laughter. Each player is strapped on to the equivalent of the horizontal bars that you find on a table football pitch and may only move side to side whilst they are playing the game. Most hires come with its own referee who has the obligatory red and yellow cards to decide who is at fault and who might need sending off. The table edges are created out of inflatable bouncy castle style materials making this a safe and fun game for people of all ages. Human table football is suitable for many different events including weddings and corporate functions as well as festivals and fairs. The equipment is suitable for indoor or outdoor use so it can be used during all seasons. It is a fun way to entertain your guests and harks back to childhood where bouncy castles were enjoyed by all. The game is not just fun for those taking part but is hilarious to watch and your spectators will enjoy cheering on their players as you battle to lift the world human table football cup. Each game can be played as an individual one-off match or you could even form a League and play like Man United, Liverpool, Real Madrid and more, as you battle through match games to the semi-finals and finals. 


What is the price for Human Table Football?


The cost of hiring human table football is incredibly reasonable, and you will probably find that most companies have a range of other inflatable services that can really enhance your event. If you are looking to provide outside entertainment this could be just one of the things that they bring to your day so it’s worth having a chat about your event and how you envision things turning out. The cost includes the hire of the inflatable equipment and the referee who is also there to maintain health and safety and is trained by the company to do so. Depending on how far away they are from your event you could be charged extra for travel, but it is always worth approaching more than one company in your area to see what they can provide as this will also give you an idea of whether the prices are fair and on a par with the competition. On the day they will need access to the site to set up before your guests arrive, but the inflatable pitch does not take that long to complete. You will need to ensure vehicular access if you are in a remote location but they are used to inflating the equipment with portable generators so you will not require access to any form of power. The cost will vary depending on how long you want to hire the equipment for, some people have a weekend festival event and would like this available all weekend whereas others just want it for a few hours at a wedding party. Again, these are all things you can discuss with the companies in advance. Once the event is over, they will need access to the site to remove their kit, and if it is already dark by the time you have finished this may need to be the next day when light is available.