Hot Tub Hire Near Me

Over the last few years, requests to hire hot tubs in the UK have exploded exponentially. Previously they used to be found at expensive days bars and hotels but now there is an increasing wave of hot tubs in the home. For those who cannot afford to have a hot tub permanently or do not have the space price for a hot tub, hire makes it an excellent way to take advantage of this growing trend. Finding the best hot tub hire near you is a tricky thing which is why we are here to help. We have gathered together with as many different local providers as possible and share the information with you about how to ensure you are making the best choice when it comes to hiring a hot tub for an evening or weekend. 


What events are suitable for Hot Tub Hire?


Because hot tub hire is so versatile it is suitable for a wide range of events. Whether you just want to treat yourself for the weekend or you have a special anniversary or party coming up, hot tub hire can be an excellent addition that your guests will love. Hot tub hire makes a great basis for a hen do or stag weekend, and you can build on the pamper party for your hens to create a memorable weekend that no one will forget. The premise of a hot tub is the water heated to a certain level and then enhanced with jets of water that provide a relaxation and massage to those sitting in it. The size of the hot tubs varies, so you have scope to hire something that works perfectly for your event. Each hot tub has several seats which all allow for different parts of the body to benefit from the relaxing jets of water. Many hot tubs come with additional lights, drink holders and more so that you can have the perfect hot tub party whatever you are doing. Some companies have diversified and offered different services that will help you create an amazing event for your guests. You may find things like additional butler services or food and drink provision depending on what you are looking for to create an awesome night. There is something about sitting in a cooler environment whilst in a hot tub, and many companies also provide an awning so should it rain you can still enjoy your experience. 


What is the price for Hot Tub Hire?


The price to hire hot tubs will vary depending on what services you require. Each hot tub will have its own price depending on the size and the number of people it can seat. You may be charged depending on how far the company has to travel to get to your address. You need to check access to your building as hot tubs can be dismantled to a certain extent but are quite big and the company will need to be able to get them on-site in order to leave them set up. Generally, they require back gates and cannot be taken through a house as doorways are not wide enough, but some companies do specialise in smaller inflatable hot tubs that will fit in any size space. It is worth talking to a few companies in your area that offer hot tub hire to see exactly what they can supply based on your situation and location. Part of the service will include setting up the hot tub, and obviously, you will pay for any water used as it will come from your main service. The company will supply the chemicals required to ensure that the water is clean and hygienic and will show you how to look after the hot tub for the duration of the hire. It takes a while to heat up a large body of water to the correct temperature so they cannot be set up quickly and you will need them on site for a while before you actually use them if you want to get the best experience. Once your hire has ended, they will also need to come in and remove the hot tub. It is likely that they will show you how to drain down the hot tub so that you can have it ready for when they arrive to remove it and speed up the process.