Horsebox Bars Near Me

When it comes to horsebox bars hire near you, you will be delighted with the range of choice on offer. Horsebox bars make a great addition to many different events and your guests will enjoy the services that they can provide. The price to hire horsebox bars varies depending on the event, and the amount of time you need them to be on site. Before you decide where to hire your horsebox bars from, have a look at the information we have put together and also all of the services in your area which we have collated in order to make it easier for you to find the perfect setup for your venue. It is always worth having a word with more than one different horsebox bar hire company in order to ensure that you get exactly what you were looking for and also to make sure you are being quoted a fair price. 


What events are suitable for Horsebox Bars?


Horsebox bars are a fairly new addition to the hospitality industry. Using what was a utilitarian transport for horses, these towable trailers are transformed into chic and modern bars that provide a pop-up service at many different events. Every horsebox bars company has their own take, with some offering a wine bar, and others offering gin. Clearly, they are for events with over eighteens to attend and this makes them suitable for all sorts of venues. Horsebox bars are perfect for weddings, hen parties, Bachelor weekends and more. They are also great for festivals that have a liquor licence and are allowed to sell alcohol on site. Of course, many do provide soft drink alternatives but like any alcoholic retailer, they are obliged and allowed to cheque the age of any potential customer. Horsebox bars make a unique talking point at your event and will be well received by your guests. Some sell a wide range of alcoholic beverages but have a theme like a traditional Wild West saloon or a modern upmarket wine bar. It is worth taking the time to explore all the different options available in your area before deciding which horsebox bar to bring into your event. Of course, if you have a large festival and have the space you could have more than one different horsebox bar on the site to give your guests more choice. 


What is the price for Horsebox Bars?


The cost of hiring a horsebox bar will vary depending on the service you are asking them to provide and how long you require them to be at the venue. There are two ways to provide the service, firstly they can provide a fixed amount of alcohol for you and your guests to enjoy for free which may work well at a hen party or Bachelor party. Or for larger events like festivals, you pay a more nominal fee to bring them onto the site and they can charge your patrons to purchase drinks meaning they have a chance to earn some money. It really depends on what you are looking for but it is worth getting more than one quote so you can see how competitive it is and discussing the event with them as they may well have some ideas of their own. The cost will vary depending on how far they have to travel to get to your location and how many staff they will need on-site for the duration. You will need to make sure that there is suitable vehicular access for them, and they will let you know if they need any electricity hook-up or if they have generators. Many are self-contained units that do not require any power outages. It would be good to get them set up on-site before your guests arrive so this timing should be factored into your planning. Generally, they will pack up and disappear before the event has ended and will be skilled at doing so without interrupting anything else that is going on. But if this is not practical and you need them to leave the vehicles on-site overnight you may incur further charges, as the overall length of hire will be considered to be longer.