Harpists Hire Near Me

If you are looking to hire harpists in the UK, you are certainly not alone. It is a beautiful instrument that is often overlooked but makes an amazing addition to many events. The price to hire harpists reflects this skill and years of dedication it takes to produce the amazing sound on this old yet beautiful instrument. When it comes to hiring harpists there are some things you should be aware of and we have put together some information to help you. We have also found many different harpists near you who would be delighted to work at your event. So, before you make a decision on which harpist to hire have a look at this article and take into account all the factors that can help make the perfect decision for you.


What events are suitable for Harpists?


One event that springs to mind as being perfectly suited for harpists is a wedding. The gentle romantic tones of the large stringed instrument make the perfect setting and create an atmosphere that your guests will love. Many brides choose to walk down the aisle to the sound of the harpist playing, whereas others prefer the harpist to entertain the congregation while they sign the register and take care of the formal paperwork. However, it is not just weddings that are perfect for hiring a harpist there are many different venues and events that would equally benefit from this wonderful skill. Corporate events, festivals, and other social gatherings could all enjoy the music of a harpist. It may not be the first instrument that people spring to mind when they consider their musical entertainment, but it is certainly a unique and wonderful sound that your guests will be glad they had the chance to listen to. Harpists often play alone, but you can get harp groups who play together so it all depends on what vision you have for your event. Many people have never seen a harpist perform live and will really appreciate the chance to do so. Generally, they like to be engaged at venues indoors but would be prepared to play in somewhere like a gazebo providing they are protected from any potential elements. 


What is the price for Harpists?


Harpist for hire prices vary depending on the service and event you are looking to engage them for. A single harpist will usually be cheaper than a group, but they will take into account factors that impact the price. It will depend on how far they have to travel to get to your event, as that cost will be factored in. The best thing to do is to contact a couple of different providers and discuss the event you have in mind. They will want to know how much you are looking for them to play and how long their set will be. The harp is a large instrument, but it is portable so they will be used to taking it around from venue to venue but will require a decent access on level ground as they tend to be wheeled into the room. Bookings will be busier at different times of the year for example at Christmas when many Christmas concerts will be hosted. There will also be a busy period during the summer when many weddings take place so it’s worth getting in touch well in advance to ensure that you can secure the date you are looking for. Your harpist will need to set up before your guests arrive and will need an area to take a break between playing if they are on-site for a long time. Generally, it doesn’t take long for them to set up, but they will also require time to pack up once they have finished. At a wedding, this can usually be done while everybody else is busy eating the meal or listening to the speeches. The harpist will have their own liability cover for any damage done to the instrument, but you should ensure that they are located in an area that will not be subject to any interference from outside forces. Each harpist will have their own style of music, although generally, they play traditional classical tunes that were originally designed for the instrument.