Glamping Tent Hire Near Me

Glamping tent hire near you is the perfect alternative to hotels and bed and breakfast when you are hosting an event and your guest will need somewhere to stay. The price to hire glamping tents can vary depending on a lot of factors but they are certainly unique and luxurious and offer an amazing experience that will be remembered for a long time. You will certainly be the talk of the event if you provide glamping tents for your guests and it is much easier than trying to find accommodation for a lot of people in local facilities. The back to nature meets glamour experience is an amazing way to spend a night or two, it is indulgent and fun. So, if you are considering glamping tent hire for your event then why not have a look at the information, we have put together to ensure you can find the best company to provide the service near you. 


What events are suitable for Glamping Tent Hire?


If you have the space, there are so many events that are suitable for glamping tent hire. They would be the perfect solution to a hen weekend or the wedding itself where your guests can stay under the canvas all together in a camping village. It is quirky and fun, and your guests will love the attention to detail that glamping tent hire companies provide. Many companies offer special tents for the bride and groom as they know how popular this is among the modern wedding organisation. You can hire glamping tents that are empty, and you can furnish them yourself or you can have everything done for you including all the luxury drapes and beds and other bits and pieces that come in a glamping tent. It really is a home from home, and no one would mind not staying in a hotel when they can have a glamping tent. Each tent has a different capacity, and you can decide how many family groups you will need for your event. If you speak to one of the hire companies and explain the guest list, they will be able to help you out and do the maths for you. Glamping tent hire is also a perfect way to create a VIP area at festivals and other big events where you may have significant guests who expect a little more than a bog-standard tent on site. 


What is the price for Glamping Tent Hire?


When it comes to hiring glamping tents the price will change depending on many different factors. First of all, the company will be considering how many occupants are in each tent and whether they are providing an empty tent or decorating it to the Max to ensure you have the most indulgent experience possible. Tents generally sleep between two and six guests, and if you need provision for children this needs to be discussed in advance. Sometimes it is easier to ask your guests to bring their own travel cot for babies, for example, other times the companies are happy to provide this. When it comes to the decor there are several packages here as well, from basic mattresses sheets and blankets to something more indulgent with rugs and cushions and even a welcome basket with some luxury items for your guests. Many of the bridal temp packages include a real double bed and some really indulgent extras to celebrate the big day with the bride and groom. All tents will be delivered to site Tacoma and the period of higher is of course negotiable. Some people would only want the tents for one night whereas others may want them for a few. You need to ensure that the company has access to the site in advance of the event, as setting up the tents with all the luxury items will obviously take a few hours. After the event has finished, they will need access to be able to take down all the tents and remove all their equipment from the site. Many glamping tents hire companies will charge a returnable deposit to account for any damages and it is up to you to ensure that nothing is broken in order to get this back at the end.