Function Bands Near Me

There are certain events that just require live music, if you are organising an event and are looking to hire a function band in the UK there are a few things you should know. Having a band at your event can really enhance the experience for your guests, and function bands are versatile and come in many different shapes and forms. The cost of hiring a function band will vary depending on many different factors but you are certain to find a function band near you that can provide the service you are looking for. If you have not hired a function banned before here are a few things you should consider helping you make the best decision. 


What events are suitable for Function Bands?


Function bands are suitable for many different events, perhaps the main thing that springs to mind is a wedding. It is lovely to have live music for your guests to dance to especially if you have a particular genre or story behind how you met, and the style of music perfectly fits that. Having a band playing creates a genuine atmosphere that you cannot get from just disco music playing in the background. It is also nice to be able to admire the talent of the players and enjoy their creativity which resonates through their music. Function bands is a fairly broad term, and you’ll be able to find swing bands, disco bands, big bands, classical music bands and many more. Some groups are tribute bands of more famous bands and will primarily play their music and other songs that fit the same genre. Others are totally unique and play their own fresh music, but many do play covers at events like weddings. Any event is suitable for a function band and this includes festivals, fetes, parties and freshers week and most bands are happy to have an indoor or outdoor set up – provided they are protected from the elements. All you have to do is decide on the style of music that you would like to hear, and you are guaranteed to find function bands in your area that will be able to fit the bill. Remember at certain times of the year this sort of entertainment will get booked up fairly quickly so getting your requirements in early is a good idea. You should give yourself at least 6 to 8 months before the event and have a word with a few bands that you think might be good for you and your guests. 


What is the price for Function Bands?


Most function bands have a fixed price for a fixed package, and they are used to performing a routine that lasts a certain amount of time. However, within that, there will be scope for you to negotiate something different if it works better for you. The price is going to vary on a number of factors including how far they have to travel to get to your event. Function bands also feature different numbers of artists and again you will be paying enough to cover the fees of each musician on the night. This can mean that larger groups will be more expensive than smaller bands but again you don’t want to compromise the quality and genre of the music you have been dreaming of just to reduce the bill slightly. Your band will need access to the premises in order to set up, and this can usually be done in advance of the guests arriving. They will also need to have somewhere to take a break between sets. At most public venues they already have things in place for the artists which include backstage areas and restrooms. If you have a private venue, then you may need to consider providing a restroom yourself. Generally, they will play a set and have a break of half an hour to an hour before coming back on stage so you need to consider whether you’re going to provide something like a disco in the meantime or whether you’re just going to accept silence in the room. It is always worth getting a quote from more than one band so that you can see if what you are paying is comparable to others in the area, so you get the best experience possible.