Fun Fair Stalls Near Me

One thing that always pulls a crowd is fun fair stalls, if you are looking to hire fun fair stalls in the UK you will find that there is plenty of choice on offer from companies with an excellent reputation. Harking back to days of old fun fair stalls have an innocent look and feel that reminds us of family times making them a really popular addition to any event. The cost of to hire fun fair stalls will vary but you can be assured that there is a great selection and you can customise everything to perfectly fit your event and come in on budget no matter what you are hosting. Here are a few things you should know before making a decision on the best fun fair stall hire near you. 


What events are suitable for Fun Fair Stalls?


Roll up, roll up, it’s time to experience the fun of the fair, fun fair stalls are suitable for so many different events including festivals and outdoor summer fetes. Many companies also offer smaller stalls that can be used inside at other venues. Anywhere you want to be able to entertain your guests with a range of traditional games and some more modern ones too you will find that fun fair stalls are the perfect way to go. Many companies also offer a theme to some stalls that are perfect for Christmas events, where instead of knocking down a coconut shy you will be aiming at Christmas puddings. Don’t forget the traditional test of strength where you have to smack the mallet down as hard as you can, and this always attracts lots of lads wanting to show off. You can hook a duck or shoot at targets with popguns and bow and arrows. You can head to the wild west with a cork shooting range, cactus hooking, and a tin-can alley to test your cowboy skills. The prizes on offer can vary and this is something that you can discuss with the company you are looking at hiring from. There is such a wide range of prizes and stalls out there you are guaranteed to find the perfect setup for your event. Most companies are more than happy to try and fit in with the theme of your event, stalls could be an excellent addition to a busy wedding where there are going to be lots of children to entertain, or a school fete or freshers’ week. 


What is the price for Fun Fair Stalls?


When it comes to the cost of fun fair stalls it is worth speaking to more than one company. There are a couple of options, you can have a traditional hire where you simply pay a flat fee for the games and prizes to be hosted and your guests can play for free. Or you can bring in a company who will charge patrons for their events, to make money for themselves and you will pay a lot less in hosting them. It all depends on the event you are hosting and what would work best for you. You also have to take in the cost of travelling, as it depends how far the fun fair stall hire company has to travel to get to you. In order to make sure the event is a success; they will need access to the venue before your guests arrive in order to set up and be ready. This might be the night before or early in the morning depending on what time the event starts. Fun fair stall hire is available for just one today or for a weekend or longer event. The cost will also vary depending on whether you are hiring staff to man the stalls or whether you are going to do that yourself. Depending on how many stalls you are hiring will depend on how long it will take them to set up. You will also need to allow them to pack up their things at the end of the day, and in some cases, the next day might be the best option depending on the security of the site. It is always worth getting more than one quote so that you can see whether you are being charged fairly.