Hire Festival Caterers Near Me

If you need to hire festival catering in the UK, you will find that there are many varied and highly rated services. Finding festival catering near you is easy because we have collected all of the providers into one place so you can locate exactly what you need. no matter what event you are hosting festival catering provides many different options and where there are large groups of people there is a need for food and sustenance. Depending on the size of your event and the diversity of your audience you may wish to hire more than one festival catering company to take care of the needs. They are used to working at a wide range of events and each brings something unique to the table with a range of different foods suitable for outdoor venues and more. 


What events are suitable for Festival Catering?


Festival catering is suitable for many different events, with the obvious case being a festival. But they are also suitable for any outdoor event such as fetes and charity gigs where crowds of people will want to eat. Festival caterers have a wide range of products, and in that case, you may want more than one. Some serve hot cooked food; others have sweet treats such as ice creams and puddings. The beauty of festival catering is that they are self-inclusive, and normally have some kind of van or trailer and do not require access to any utilities in order to be able to perform their function. It also means that they are neat and compact and don’t take up much room so if you want to have more than one van on site it is easily possible. You can also find festival caterers providing drinks; as well as tea and coffee some provide alcoholic drinks, but you would need to check on your event licencing in order to determine whether you can sell alcohol. Another good feature of festival catering is that you can easily deal with differences in food allergies and tolerances as well as personal preferences. Some festival caterers will provide a vegan service for example whereas others will be versed in gluten-free or another allergen removal. It means that you can easily offer food that everyone can choose from and find something they can enjoy without being tied into one caterer who only provides a limited service. It also takes any pressure off you having to deal with any food arrangements for the day as they will just turn up, get on and leave when they are finished. 


What is the price for Festival Catering?


The price of festival catering can vary depending on what services you require. Each festival caterer may charge whatever they like for their services, but you will find that they are on a par with the competition. You will be able to find various global menus including Greek, Italian, English, and much more and they will all have scales of charges depending on what you need them to do. The cost might vary depending on how far they have to travel to get to your event, and how many staff they are going to need to cover the amount of time you have asked for. If you have a weekend festival then they will need to change their staff over and allow for time off. They will also have different menu options available, and you may be able to save some money by using their cheapest menu. Many of the festival caterers have a very unique angle, and some of them have delivery vehicles that are a talking point at the event. From horseboxes to ice cream vans, old trucks to caravans and much more. There is certainly plenty to choose from, and you will find that the general public visiting your festival will enjoy the choice. Some caterers have barbecue facilities, like hog roasts and burgers; others have refrigerated vehicles providing cold foods. You will need to make sure your site is suitable for vehicular access, and you can discuss with them whether they set up tables and chairs for patrons to eat at or whether you have taken care of an eating area as part of the festival set up.