Event Medics Hire Near Me

Depending on the type of event you are hosting you may need to hire event medics. No matter where you are in the UK there are sure to be some event medics near you who are available for various functions to provide emergency medical cover. Before you decide on which event medics to hire it is important that you understand all about the services they offer in order to get the best deal. Event medics provide a valuable service, and in some cases, you will be required to ensure that you have coverage on-site in order to comply with the rules of the insurance. We have put together as much information as possible about hiring event medics in your area to make it easier for you to find the perfect match for your event.


What events are suitable for Event Medics?


If you are organising an event where there will be a large gathering of people, it makes sense to provide event medics. The more people you have in one location the higher the risk that one of them will have a medical emergency and require some first stage treatment. Event medics are able to help you by providing staff on the day, and even contribute to the planning stages of the event. Risk assessments are often required in order to comply with insurance regulations and event medic companies are well versed in understanding the risks and how to mitigate them. Event medics are perfect for large outdoor events such as festivals and fetes, as well as many different indoor events such as concerts and stage performances. Having an event medic on-site will reassure people attending the event that they are safe, and also means that you do not have to worry should a problem occur. The event medics will be able to deal with the first aid and initial assessment and if they feel that further treatment is needed in a hospital setting, they will have the correct vehicles on-site in order to transport the patient with minimal disruption to the event. You will find event medics at such gatherings as motocross, car racing, music festivals, and many more. It is also advisable to have event medics at waterside events, at beaches and rivers where traditional lifeguard cover is not provided. 


What is the price for Event Medics?


The price for hiring event medics will vary depending on the services you need them to offer. First of all, they will have a team of staff qualified to different levels from highly qualified first aiders to doctors and paramedics. Your costs will vary depending on how many event medics you want on-site and what level of skills you need. The package will also be tailored to the amount of time you need them on-site whether it is just for a couple of hours, a whole day or whether you have a weekend type event where cover is provided in shifts. Many events medic companies also offer other services such as fire marshals and swift water rescue personnel to ensure that they can help you cover an event as safely as possible. You may well find that the price changes depending on how many vehicles you have on-site, but all event medic companies will be fully insured and able to demonstrate the skill levels of the staff that they are supplying. Sometimes they are off duty paramedics and doctors, other times they are normal people who enjoy first aid and have gone through extensive training in order to become first aiders. At your events, they will need an area to set up their base, so that they can provide first aid normally in a tent or gazebo and they will require vehicular access in order to be able to bring in an ambulance or other paramedic vehicle. Generally, event medics will be highly recognisable as they will wear some kind of uniform and high visibility jacket but it is up to you to ensure that they are clearly signposted on the day and members of the public attending your event know how to locate them if they need help. The best thing to do is to speak to a few companies and explain the situation and see what they can offer.