Disco Dome Hire Near Me

Whatever event you are hosting, a disco dome for hire is the perfect entertainment solution for many different age groups. This is a safe and fun way to offer an excellent disco no matter whether it is day or night outside. The price to hire a disco dome can vary depending on the services you require. One thing is for sure your guests will love the effort you have put in to provide excellent entertainment facilities. Before you decide on which company to go with and what you are going to hire when it comes to disco domes it is worth learning everything about how they work and how they are provided. Here is everything you need to know about hiring a disco dome near you.


What events are suitable for a Disco Dome?


A disco dome is suitable for so many different events, they are perfect for children’s parties, or for keeping the smaller guests entertained at a longer event like a wedding. You may consider hiring a disco dome for a christening party or a baby shower, they even make a good addition for a stag or hen party. They are also great for outdoor events such as festivals and fetes and make a perfect addition to every setting. For younger children, there are smaller disco domes that are perfect for creating a disco party. For older kids and adults, you can also hire a nightclub-style disco dome which is a little bit more sophisticated. The disco dome is based on the traditional fancy castle and is an inflatable igloo style design that creates the perfect environment in which to dance and have fun. Some of them have the bouncy castle floor which is great fun for younger children and others have a more fixed floor making them the perfect temporary venue for an adult nightclub experience. Some disco domes come in the design of the main stage at various venues. When it comes to hiring a disco dome, you will need to make sure that you have adequate floor space and they are suitable for both outside and indoor use. The company will be very used to setting them up all over the place, but you do need to ensure you provide adequate access. Generally, a disco dome is better in fine weather, especially if it is outside however mild rain will not hamper the experience. Significant high winds or particularly nasty weather could put a dampener on an outside event.


How much does it cost to hire a Disco Dome?


The cost of hiring a disco Dome will vary depending on the company and the services you have requested. It is therefore worth shopping around and having a word with a few local hire companies in order to determine who has the best deal. A disco Dome is available in many different sizes, and this will impact on the price. Depending on how close they are to your location you may need to pay extra transport costs. Companies then have various different packages depending on the needs of your event, some provide the lights and music others leave you to do that for yourself. Some offer Bluetooth connexion so that you can stream any music from a device nearby and be the DJ for the night. Others offer a more hosted service where they will provide someone to sort the music and can ensure that everything runs smoothly for you. Sometimes you will find that this service is also offered with standard bouncy castle hire or part of a wedding entertainment package. For that reason, it is always worth having a look around your local area to see exactly what is on offer. This also gives you a good opportunity to cheque that the prices being quoted are on a par with other service providers in the same industry and geographical location. You should ensure that you hire your disco dome from a reputable company that can provide the correct insurance certificates. They will need access to the venue before the guests arrive in order to set up, and they will also need to be able to pack up and take away their equipment at the end.