Hire Dance Floors near me

If you are hosting an event, at a venue that does not have a suitable dance floor then you may need to consider dance floor hire in your area. Companies are experienced in setting up a variety of different dance floors depending on what your need is.

Any Location….

When it comes to finding dance floors higher in your location there are a few things to consider, but there is certainly plenty out there and we have put together some information to help you understand exactly what you are looking for and how to find the best dance floor hire for your function. 

All types….

Event style dance floors are about way more than just providing a good surface for dancing on. The range of choice you have is massive, with light-up floors with special effects, to more traditional sprung floors for professional level dancing. You will be able to choose from a wide range of finishes from polished wood to checkerboard and everything in between.

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Lots of choices….

Many marquees hire companies also offer dance floor hire, so you may be able to get both services from one vendor. Many dance floors are designed to be used in marquees, whereas others have to be used indoors so it’s worth checking with the company.

All styles….

If you are having a digital light up style dance floor, then they will require access to the electricity, but they are well experienced in taking care of this and will have all the required extension cabling needed. Dance floor hire provides your guests with a really excellent surface, So all you have to do is decide which look and feel suits your events the best. 

How long will Dance Floors be at my wedding for?

Setting up the dance floor will depend on what time you need it to be accessible for your guests. Sometimes they can get in while you are at the church or wedding venue getting married, and it will be in place by the time the reception starts. Other times they may need to get in the night before and set up the dance floor, and at known wedding venues, there will be a procedure for this. If it’s a private venue, then you need to make sure they have access for their vehicles and can connect to the electricity when required.

As the dance floor is likely to be in use right up until the end of the reception, likely, they will not return until the next day to remove the dance floor. These are all questions that you can ask them when you liaise with them before booking. You’ll also need to make sure that their presence on-site doesn’t interfere with any of the other services getting set up ready for your arrival. As you are likely to be otherwise occupied, it is always good if you could have a nominated representative to meet companies as they come to set up so that you are not disturbed.

What events are suitable for Dance Floors

Dance floors are perfect for any venue where there needs to be a suitable dance surface. This might be a wedding, a family gathering, a summer festival, or a corporate event. Companies are used to attending various events and will set up and create the perfect space for you in no time at all. They can get very busy at certain times of the year so it’s worth getting in touch as soon as you know the date to ensure that they are free when you need them. 

What is the Price for Dance Floors Hire?

The price for dance for hire does vary depending on What package you asked him to provide. You will find that there is more than one choice when it comes to the dance floor surface, and other extras like lights and light up signs are also factored into the equation. You may also have to pay for transport costs if the company is not located immediately near your venue. The easiest thing to do is approach a few different companies with the requirements and the dates on which you will need them and see who is available and will provide the service at a cost you are happy with.