Hire Clear Span Marquees near me

If you are hosting an event outside, it is likely that you will be looking for some kind of marquee hire. Clear span marquees are traditional, beautiful, and provide the perfect backdrop for many events.


With a massive range of sizes and combinations on offer, you are sure to be able to provide the indoor experience outside. If you are looking for a clear span marquee hire in your area then have a look at the information we have provided and see what is on offer, and we can help you make the perfect choice from many different providers in your geographical area.

Just wonderful….

One of the most beautiful things about a clear span marquee is the fact that any or all of the panels can be see-through, providing access to the natural views around you. If you have a particularly scenic backdrop for your wedding this is a really nice touch, and an open clear roof while still providing shelter can be perfect for taking in the night sky when the evening-do starts.

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Any type….

You can also have a combination of filled-in sides if you want some more privacy, the only limit is your imagination. The companies are happy to provide any arrangement and even have curtaining for the roof if you want to open some of the time but the ability to shade it off if the weather becomes hotter.

All Sizes….

You can also have any combination of sizes either alone or stood together to create the perfect area for your event. 

How long will Clear Span Marquees be at my wedding for?

Generally, with a wedding, your marquee company will want to set up the clear span marquee the day before. Depending on the timings it may be possible for it to be set up on the same day but obviously you’re going to want it in place before there is any chance for guests arriving. They are fairly easy to set up, but they do take some time, so this has to be factored into the equation.

If you are using a well-known wedding venue, they will have experience of working with marquee hire companies and will be able to help liaise with you on this. Obviously, if you are having an evening do that goes on late into the night the chances are that the marquee will be packed up and removed the next day once everyone has gone home. If it is a private venue, then you may need to consider transport and access arrangements but these companies are very skilled at getting their marquees into any setting.

The amount of time needed to set up will also depend on how much decorating needs to be done, and again you may need to take into account things like the caterers who will also need to get in and start setting up their end before any guests are likely to arrive. 


What events are suitable for Clear Span Marquees

Clear span marquees are suitable for any event that needs an outside covered space and are perfect for things like weddings, parties, festivals, and even corporate events. The companies are highly skilled at providing everything needed and will even take care of running electrics to the marquee in such a way that it doesn’t provide any trip hazard to your guests. They are easy to add sides too if the weather was suddenly to turn, and are perfect open on a nice day, it is no wonder that such customisable marquees are so popular.

What is the Price for Clear Span Marquees Hire?

There are various factors that can impact on the price for hiring a clear span marquee. Firstly, it will depend on the floor coverage you need, and the number of people that are going to be using it. It would also depend on your geographical location compared to the company, and how far they have to travel. However, they still remain one of the most popular Marques as they are versatile and have a timeless look that will fit well with the style of any event. You can also find many companies offering extra packages like lighting, decorations, and other extras to enhance the experience.