Hire Chocolate Fountain near me

Whether you are planning a wedding, or another event there are plenty of added extras that can enhance the experience for your guests. Chocolate fountain hire in your area is a popular option, in addition to any other food or catering options you might have.

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It is something that everyone will enjoy and can be provided locally to you. If you’d like to learn more about chocolate fountain hire and then find providers in your area have a look at the information below and we will help you locate the perfect service for you.

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Chocolate fountain hire is a fun extra for any event, using a chocolate fountain the chocolate is gently heated to a liquid consistency and cascaded through the equipment in a fountain light style. You then have various things like fruit, sweets, and other things that you can dip into the fountain and coat with chocolate. Some also have extra dips that you can add once the chocolate has hardened slightly to create yourself a sweet treat.

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It is easy to see why these chocolate fountain hire companies are so popular, as most people are partial to chocolate. Some chocolate fountain hire companies focus on the specific pedigree of the chocolate, whereas others are just more concerned with ensuring that the cost is affordable, and everyone can have a really great time. 

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Every company aims to have a unique selling point so have a look at the chocolate fountain hire companies in your area and see who catches your eye. 

How long will a Chocolate Fountain Hire be at my wedding for?

If you are going to have a chocolate fountain hire as part of your wedding reception, they will need access to the location in advance of the guests arriving. They will need some time to be able to set up, and generally, this means having access to a kitchen. However, if you are using a well-known wedding venue then this is the sort of thing, they have lots of practice with and can sort for you.

If you are using a private venue you may need to consider what the company needs to provide the service. Depending on the package you have chosen they will be at your wedding for as long as needed, but because of things like evening parties they can generally clear up and go home before anybody else is leaving.

Some people like to have the chocolate fountain on arrival from the ceremony before there is a sit-down meal, whereas others prefer to have it after dinner before the disco starts. Of course, the choice is entirely yours and you simply need to speak to the companies before you decide who to book with. They tend to get busy and booked up very quickly so it’s worth speaking to them as soon as you know that date.

What events are suitable for Chocolate Fountain Hire?

Chocolate fountain hire is suitable for many different events, including weddings, parties, festivals and more. If the event is going to be outside, they may provide their own marquee, or you may have to provide a sheltered area for them.

Generally, they will need access to an electricity supply, but some have their own generators, again this is all things you can cheque out in advance so that you know what is needed on the day. They will be used to catering for many different events including corporate gatherings and make a great addition to any function. 

What is the Price for Chocolate Fountain Hire?

There are many different prices for chocolate fountain hire in your area depending on the service you require. Many companies operate different packages depending on the length of time you want the chocolate fountain to be running for. There are also added extras available like different dips, and this too has an impact on the price. Depending on your geographical location in relation to the company there may be a travel charge, and some companies offer added extras like waiting staff or bar staff to enhance an event. It is always worth having a word with these companies to see exactly what they offer before you decide.