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If you are planning an event where children will attend, a children’s entertainer can be the perfect way to ensure they are kept amused for the duration. Children’s entertainers come in many shapes and forms, and there are lots in your area to choose from.

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If you are looking to hire a children’s entertainer in your area have a read and see how we can help you find the perfect candidate for your function.

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There are so many different things that fall under the scope of children’s entertainer, you are sure to find something perfect for you. You have clowns, magicians, disco providers, and more. Some of the events are more suited to certain age groups, so it’s worth having a look and considering what your guest audience will be most appreciative of.

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It is the perfect way to entertain a group of children for a fixed period of time. Another thing made popular by Disney movies is a character turning up at your event, with the likes of Elsa and Anna from Frozen, or a classic superhero, it is certainly something that children will love, and it makes a great photo opportunity for them.

Children will love it….

You will find companies that provide almost any character you can think of from Buzz Lightyear to Woody and many different classic fairy-tale princesses. Another popular form of children’s entertainment is cake decorating, or painting plates, or something else in the arts and crafts sector where the child gets to take home the results of their work after they have finished. This could be a great alternative childcare for a corporate event where people need to bring their children for various reasons. 

How long will Children’s Entertainers be at my wedding for?

A lot will depend on how long you book your entertainer for, and what they are going to be doing but they make the perfect wedding entertainment for points of the day where children might be getting restless and causing a problem. Many people use them between the sit-down dinner and the evening disco when there is time to kill. It is the perfect way to help your guests keep their children amused so that nobody becomes bored and fractious. Your children’s entertainer will need a short time before they are due to perform to set everything up, and then some time afterwards to clear away whatever it is they have with them. 


What events are suitable for Children’s Entertainers?

Children’s entertainers are suitable for so many different events, it is certainly worth considering when it comes to your planning. Whether you are hosting a wedding, a corporate event, a fete or summer festival or perhaps just a birthday party. you will find the companies are used to being hired for a wide variety of situations and are mostly comfortable performing inside or out, but if the weather is not nice on the day, they may require some form of shelter.

Some will provide this themselves in the form of gazebo’s other people will need you to take care of that for them. One thing is for certain, they are certainly a very popular addition to your event, and parents love the fact that you have considered their children specifically rather than just cater to adults all the time. Your children’s entertainer should offer evidence of correct insurance and security checks and you should ask to see these well in advance of the event.  

What is the Price for Children’s Entertainers?

The cost of hiring a children’s entertainer will vary, depending on the services they provide, the distance they have to travel to your venue and how long you need them on-site for. Some children’s entertainers provide a routine which takes a set amount of time, others have an experience like decorating cakes for example which can be slightly more fluid in the length of time they will spend on-site, but generally, you will just pay a fixed price for the package you have chosen.

It is worth talking to a few different children’s entertainers to get a better idea of what they do, and also to see who might be available on the day of your function.