Hire Ceilidh Band near me

If you are hosting an event and looking for an unusual entertainment, then a Ceilidh band might be for you. This traditional Scottish folk music is incredibly popular, and something that your guests will love.

Any event….

Hiring a Ceilidh band will make a fantastic addition to many different events, so if you are looking to hire one have a look at the information we have provided. We are here to make sure that you can find the best Ceilidh band for hire in your area when you need it.

Lots of fun….

The event can either be interactive or flat and by that we mean you can either just hire the band to play you some music and people can dance to suit themselves or not or you can hire a caller with the band who will assist you in dancing the traditional Scottish dances that go with the music. This is great fun and unusual and something that gets rave reviews from people who attended an event with the Ceilidh band present.

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You can also have a duo who will play during various parts of the event such as the signing of the register in a wedding ceremony or you can have the full eight-piece band and have all your guests up on the dance floor learning how to dance traditional Scottish dance.

Will be Great….

The music is a very traditional thing, so there is not a lot of variety in what you will hear played by different bands but of course, they’re all free to put their interpretation on it and present it in any way they like.

How long will Ceilidh Band be at my wedding for?

The band will need time to set up and pack up at the end as well as take breaks throughout the evening. How long they will be at your wedding entirely depends on what you have asked them to do. If they are providing the whole evening entertainment interspersed with disco, then they will be present for most of the function.

If you are just hiring them to perform for a short while, then they won’t need to be there as long. Most wedding venues will have areas for performers to use as a restroom etc but if that is not the case you need to take into consideration and make sure you make provision for them.

How much does it cost to hire Ceilidh Band?

There are many things that determine how much the cost will be when it comes to hiring a Ceilidh band in your area. They tend to have different packages which give you the flexibility to find the perfect arrangement for you. Many have smaller groups or larger groups of musicians depending on the event and how long you want them to play. Others have diversified to supply other services such as discos when they’re not playing so that your whole evening’s entertainment is taken care of.

Things like the distance they have to travel to get to your venue will also factor into the equation which is why we have collected services that are close to where you will be hosting your event.

What events are suitable for Ceilidh Band

A Ceilidh band is a delightfully versatile form of entertainment, and are perfectly at place at a wedding, party, barn dance, festival or many other events. A look at the diary of any bands will show you exactly how versatile they can be and again, sometimes a small group is used while other times the full band is present.

Traditionally the group is made up of an accordion or flute, fiddle or banjo, guitar, and often drums and bass are added. If you have a band that works with a caller, you then have that person as well. If you are asking the group to provide other services such as the addition of a disco, you will have plenty of opportunities to tailor the music to suit your event. You could also request a solo fiddle player to accompany your wedding.

Generally, any live act will require a break at some point, so this is why hiring them to provide the disco if this is a service they offer, it is a good idea.