Hire Caribbean Caterers near me

Whether you have a wedding or different event that will have guests on-site for a long period you are likely to want some sort of catering. It is much easier to bring in outside caterers than it is to try and provide the facility yourself, and there are many Caribbean caterers to hire in your area that are highly skilled and brilliant at what they do.

Extra spice….

Hiring a Caribbean caterer in your area takes away the stress on the strain and leaves you free to enjoy your day without having to worry about what your guests are going to eat. There are a few things you should take into account before booking a Caribbean caterer, and we have put together a lot of information to help you understand everything that is involved so you know what questions to ask in order to get the best deal. 

Bob Marley….

Obviously, when it comes to Caribbean caterers there is a high influence of Caribbean styling in the food. But, the companies are well aware that this isn’t for everyone and generally you will find that there are other options on the menu so that you can mix and match and have some Caribbean food and some more traditional English food so that all your guests are satisfied.

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Buffet style!….

Caterers also have the option of providing you with a sit-down meal or something less formal in the form of a buffet-style dinner. Most caterers will have various different menus for you to choose from, and they are open to substitutions and discussion.

Your covered….

You will also be able to raise any issues or special dietary needs, including gluten-free and vegan diets and most companies are happy to try and accommodate your wishes. 

How long will Caribbean Caterers be at my wedding for?

When it comes to your wedding decor mother caterers will need to arrive on-site a few hours before the food is due to be served. However, this generally doesn’t affect you as the venue, or location you are holding the wedding will take care of this for you. Depending on whether you have waiting staff, or the buffet is just being put out and left for your guests they will be on-site some or all of the time, and then they will need to clear up at the end. Because of evening parties, it is generally easy for them to clear up while the venue is still running however in some cases, they will return the next day and take care of the cleaning arrangements.

If they are also providing the drinks and bar, they will have bar staff available right until the party finishes. Large venues will have restroom areas for hired staff to use but this is something you might want to take into consideration if it is on your own property or a private venue. 

What events are suitable to hire Caribbean Caterers?

There are a myriad of events suitable for Caribbean caterers, whether you are getting married, having a birthday or anniversary do, anywhere that you need to provide food for your guests. Caribbean catering also goes down well at corporate events, and fetes and festivals due to the popular nature of the food. Caribbean caterers can work inside or outside, but of course, if they are going to be outside, they will need an undercover area in which to serve the food in case the weather is not as clement as first thought. 

How much does it cost to hire Caribbean Caterers?

The cost of hiring a Caribbean caterer is going to vary through many factors. Companies will have different menus, and this will also include sit down meals and buffet-style catering, as well as whether you want to include drinks on the menu as well. Charges will vary depending on how far the company has to travel to get to you, whether you want any waiting staff, and what services you are having. Some people will have the bar and drinks taken care of by a different service, it is often provided with the venue, but others will need this facility and catering companies tend to be able to offer this as it’s a natural offshoot for them.