Hire Capri Marquee near me

If you are hosting any sort of outdoor event, then you might want to consider a Capri marquee. They are perfect for providing shade and shelter to your guests and mean that should the weather turn and do something that wasn’t forecasted you still have a safe space out of the elements and the event will not be ruined.

Lots of types….

There are many different Capri marquee hire facilities in your area, so it’s worth doing some research and shopping around. Luckily, we are here to show you all the options for Capri marquee hire in your area so that you can find the perfect setup for your event. 

All styles….

A Capri marquee is one of many different types of marquees, but it is popular because it has an appealing shape and high ceilings. In the summer it can be used with the sides open and just create a sun shelter, but it is very easy to have the sides put back on in the evenings or should it rain and the weather change. 

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There are a variety of different sides available, from a clear window like side to a fully covered side depending on what you prefer. It is a popular design for a marquee because it does not need ropes and guy lines which are of course a trip hazard.

Quick and easy….

The Capri marquee is one of the latest designs for a marquee and shows technical improvements making it quicker to erect and dismantle when finished.

How long will Capri Marquee be at my wedding for?

You will want the marquee on site for your wedding before any of the guests are likely to arrive. It is common practise for the marquees to be erected the day before. You will also need to take into account time to have it decorated and for chairs and tables to be laid out as you have decided. If you have a wedding at a known venue, they will be used to marquee hire being brought in and will have a procedure in place that will make it easier for you.

If you are doing it all for yourself at a different location, then you may need to liaise with your caterers and other suppliers to ensure that everyone has enough time to get in and set up before you or the guests arrive from the ceremony. Of course, in some cases, you could be having the ceremony inside the marquee in which case it needs to be set up well in advance of this. They would also need time to take down the marquee at the end of the day, which in some cases, therefore, means they come back the day after.

What events are suitable for Capri Marquees

A Capri marquee is suitable for many different types of events where outside spaces are needed. They are perfect for weddings and other parties, and can also be used at festivals, fairs, and other gatherings where shade is needed to protect the guests. They are highly versatile, and the staff are trained in putting them up quickly with a minimal fuss, so no matter where your event is being held, they will be able to create the perfect indoors outdoors room to make your event go off without a hitch. Remember in some cases you can use more than one marquee to create the perfect space. 

How much does it cost to hire Capri Marquee?

When it comes to the cost of hiring Capri marquee a lot will depend on the amount of space you need, and how long you need it for. The marquee is a specific size, but you can have more than one to create the exact layout you were looking for. It will also depend on how long they need to be on-site for so you will need to discuss this with the supplier. The costs can also be impacted by your location in relation to the supplier, so depending on how far they have to travel to get to you it could cost more. Finally, the cost can change depending on whether you want any extras included. Some companies will have lighting packages, which is particularly useful if your event is going to go on into the night-time when it gets dark.