Hire Brass Bands near me

You might think of brass bands as being very formal affairs, located in a bandstand in the park or a posh concert Hall. But they are actually a very popular entertainment, and brass bands for hire have become popular at a range of events all over the UK.

In your area….

You will probably find that there are many different brass bands you can hire in your area, so it’s worth checking them all out and seeing the different styles of music they all offer before deciding who to book.

Lots of info….

If you want to find out more about hiring a brass band in your area have a look at the information below, we are here to help make sure you get what you want for your event. 

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Lots of types….

There are many different types of brass bands for hire, and this can include fanfare trio’s, quintets who play classical brass, Bavarian oompah bands, modern brass and drum bands and many others. Of course, the range of music that they play can vary as well, from classical to modern pop and everything in between.

Any event….

It certainly isn’t all bandstands in the park, some groups only have three players whereas others have a lot more. It really depends on the event you are hosting, and what impact you want them to have on the day. Are they just going to be there to play one or two tunes, or are you expecting a full set throughout the course of the evening?

How long will Brass Bands be at my wedding for?

The brass band will need time to set up, and also time to pack up once they have performed their agreed set. The amount of time they will be at your wedding will vary, depending on how long the performance time is and how long it takes them to get ready and clear up.

You may choose to have them performing for the whole of the evening do with your guests dancing to their music, or you may just want them as a showcase piece in order to transition between two events that are happening, for example, the meal, into the evening do or as the guests arrive from the ceremony to the meal. It really depends on what you are looking for and most of them will be happy to try and accommodate your wishes.

What events are suitable for Brass Bands?

Having brass bands is a good addition to any event, specifically weddings, parties, corporate events and fetes and festivals. Most brass bands are happy to play inside or outside, but of course, it can be slightly weather dependent. If they are due to play outside you might want to discuss some form of shelter should it start to rain. Many will have their own solution, perhaps in the form of a gazebo.

A brass band will certainly be a unique entertainment piece, and your guests will really enjoy the effort you have put into finding the perfect entertainment for them. Be sure to book well in advance as brass bands higher can get very busy, especially around the summertime when there are plenty of events taking place. It is always worth contacting more than one in case your first brand of choice is already booked on the date that you require. 


How much does it cost to hire Brass Bands?

When it comes to the cost of hiring a brass band in your area, there are several factors which will be taken into consideration before a price is given. Each group will have their own pricing structure, and this will depend on the service that you require. They will take into account how long they are at your event, the number of players attending, and the music that they play.

It is always worth getting in touch with more than one band especially as they get booked up quite quickly and the dates you want might not be available but it also gives you an opportunity to have a look at the different styles on offer comma and they will be able to direct you to websites where they can showcase their music so you can see what you like best