Hire Bollywood Dancer near me

If you are looking for unusual and unique entertainment for your event, you may want to hire a Bollywood dancer. Bollywood dancing is a traditional Indian dance that has been part of their culture for many thousands of years. It is fast and active, and the dancers have some amazing vibrantly coloured costumes making it a true delight to watch.

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If you want to offer your guest something a little bit unusual at your event, then a Bollywood dancer near you could be the perfect answer. So here is everything you need to know about finding Bollywood dancers in your area and how to go about hiring them 

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Bollywood dancing was made popular in the UK by films such as Bollywood and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, but of course, it has been popular in India for thousands of years. It is captivating, with bright costumes and lots of jewellery and accessories, and is different from the dance style that we are used to in this country.

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It is very captivating to watch and there are many different influences in styles involved from Indian folk style to western, classical and modern dancing.

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When you hire a Bollywood dancer in your area, you may choose to have a larger group dancing which increases the impact and visual display, or you may go for the beauty of a single dancer. 

How long is a Bollywood Dancer at your wedding for?

If you choose to have a Bollywood dancer at your wedding, the time they will be there can vary depending on what you have asked them to do. Some people use their Bollywood dancer to break up the day, so once the meal is over while the staff are clearing away and getting the dance floor ready for the evening party, the Bollywood dancer takes to the stage and does what they do best.

If you choose a package where your Bollywood dancers also act as the waiting staff, then obviously they will be at the wedding for a lot longer. Generally, they will need a space in which to prepare and get ready, but most venues that you can hire will have provision for performers already in place. Again, it depends on the package you choose but some will require them to change costumes between performances so they will need a suitable changing facility.

What is the price to hire a Bollywood Dancer?

You will discover that there are many different Bollywood dancer hire facilities in your area, and the cost of these will vary depending on the service you choose to purchase. Whether you are looking for a single dancer, or a group to perform at your event there are plenty of different packages that you can choose from.

Each company also tries to offer something a little bit more unique so that they stand out above the competition. This means that you will find some offering waiter and waitress services where there Bollywood dancers perform and then work at the event as well. The cost of a Bollywood dancer hire will also depend on how many dances you want them to do and how long you want them to perform for.

What events are suitable for a Bollywood Dancer

There are so many events that would be suitable for a Bollywood dancer to attend. They will bring a definite talking point to an Indian wedding, and certainly provide something a little more unusual at a more traditional UK wedding. You could also have them at a corporate event, at a birthday party, or anniversary do. It really just depends on what you need and want. You will also find some interactive

Bollywood dancer hire packages where you can learn some dance moves from the professionals. This is great fun and something that your guests will talk about for a long time to come. Generally, a Bollywood dancer is better suited to an indoor event, but if the weather is guaranteed to be good and it is summertime, they may be happy to perform outdoors as well. All you really need is a suitable amount of space but remember that it is quite high energy dancing and they will need to be able to move freely without crashing into tables and chairs.