Hiring a Midget in Barcelona

Is it possible to find dwarf hire in Barcelona? Broaden your mind by accepting new hen party and stag night abroad entertainment possibilities.

There are endless possibilities when you hire a midget. Most people who buy dwarf hire in Barcelona do it to play a prank on someone. Dwarf hire has become synonymous with the stag party or hen night. If you have a group holiday upcoming, prank the whole party by having a dwarf come along with you to Barcelona, to provide some of the best banter you have ever heard in your life. Interested? You should be. Hiring a midget for a trip to Barcelona is a banging good idea.

Dwarf Hire


Can you hire a midget in Barcelona?

You can hire a midget to come to your hen or stag night, birthday party, or Barcelona event. The Spanish are much more reserved than we Brits in terms of sexual freedom. You might find it difficult to locate an English speaking dwarf in Barcelona who is willing to entertain for a stag or hen party. 


Traditional Stag and Hen entertainment in Spain

A traditional Spanish hen or stag party would start with Paella or Jamon Serrano. You might continue the night with tapas. In some bars in Barcelona they serve tapas with every round of drinks. Raspall and Gata Mala are two such bars with free tapas. Afterwards, get your midget hired in Barcelona to meet you in Red58 or Razzmatazz nightclubs. 


Where is the best place for dwarf hire in Barcelona?

The best idea for buying midget hire in Barcelona is actually to bring a dwarf with you abroad. You can never guarantee you won’t get swindled when you are booking overseas. 


How much does it cost to rent a midget in Barcelona?

If you hire a dwarf in the UK to take to Barcelona with you, it can cost over a thousand pounds. However, you can hire a dwarf to show up to your flight at any UK airport for a cheaper alternative prank. There are no accurate dwarf hire in Barcelona prices, but you can hire a dwarf to strip, handcuff the hen, and more.


Can you hire a dwarf to go abroad with you?

Yes, you can hire a dwarf to go abroad with you. Hiring a midget within the UK and taking them to Barcelona with you guarantees that your midget will speak your language. It skips expensive fees and awkward situations if you hire a dwarf to take abroad with you, instead.

Dwarf Hire


Hire a midget to show up at the airport!

You can play a hilarious prank on your groom, bride, or birthday boy, by hiring a midget to show up at the airport. This less expensive option lets your midget turn up to your flight for Barcelona, suitcase in hand and ready to travel. It’s just a joke, of course, but it’s worth it for the reaction shot alone. 

Better yet, you can buy midget hire for your trip to Barcelona from one of the UK’s most revered entertainment companies. Hire a dwarf from Celebrate Just Right to show up for your flight to Barcelona from Stansted airport, from Heathrow or from Glasgow airport. Wherever you fly from, they have a dwarf solution to suit you.

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