BBQ Catering Hire near me 

If you are having an event that is suitable for outdoors and looking for food provision barbecue catering could be the perfect answer.

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Although we don’t have the best weather, BBQ hire in the UK is massively popular and it is a booming industry.

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However, it can be tricky to know where to hire BBQ catering near you which is where we come in. It is always good to be able to offer your guests a variety of different foods which is why barbecue catering is so brilliant.

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A quick Internet search will reveal that there is a vast array of different types of BBQ catering on offer it all just depends on what you are looking for. From traditional sausages and burgers to more adventurous menus there is something for everyone. Some BBQ caterers have Indian cuisine, others have a hog roast, while others are happy to provide fish and chips.  Depending on how authentic you want the experience to be, some cook on gas while others have a traditional coal barbecue.

Mouth Watering….

If you or your guests have specific menu needs then you might have to shop around a bit, but plenty are prepared to offer gluten-free, and other allergen-free menus to ensure that the food is suitable for everyone.  It is also worth checking where they provide any other services, as many combine the barbecue element with a manned bar which is useful if you need drinks provided. You may also find that some companies offer a dessert menu, which of course will have nothing to do with the barbecue but could be a brilliant extra to be able to offer your guests.

What is the price for BBQ Catering?

The price for barbecue catering will vary depending on how many guests you are catering for and what types of food you have chosen from their menu. Generally, you will find several different BBQ caterers in your area, so it is a good idea to have a look at them all and see what is on offer. Each has their speciality and hook so you can see what lines up best with your expectations of the meal for the day.

It will depend on whether they are catering at lunchtime or dinner time and how long a window of food serving you want to offer your guests. It will also depend on how many staff they feel they need, and how far they have to travel to get to your event. Some may charge differently if you have an electric hook up whereas others may bring their gas and obviously, you’ll be paying for that. The best thing to do is to approach a few suppliers and ask them to provide their BBQ catering hire prices.


What events are suitable for BBQ Catering?

The nature of barbecue catering makes this the perfect service to hire in your area as it is suitable for a range of events. Whether you are having a wedding, an anniversary party or birthday party, or a corporate gathering this could be the perfect solution for your food. Most of the providers bring their gazebo if they need one and can usually make arrangements to cater to the event should the weather turn wet and windy.

Many wedding parties are moving away from a traditional sit down three-course meal, as this is very rigid and means that guests have to be polite and perhaps eat food they don’t want to. With a BBQ set up the guest can go and help themselves to food that they like, and not have to waste anything they don’t want.

It is also really good for events where you will have children present as they don’t have to eat that much if they don’t want to and again less will go to waste. You can speak to the companies to see where they source their meats, and some of them will only use organic products which might be important to some people.